The Password Game Answers All Rules 2024

Planning to conquer The Password Game Answers? It’s a good idea to keep a list of all the game’s rules handy. This challenging puzzle game requires adherence to a series of unique and complex rules. We’ve meticulously compiled all the rules to assist you in your quest. Additionally, for comprehensive solutions and tips, consider checking out our separate guide on “The Password Game Answers,” which can be a crucial reference during gameplay.

The Password Game Answers

Complete List of Rules in The Password Game Answers

Answer Rule 1: Your password must be at least five characters long.

Answer Rule 2: Include at least one number in your password.

Answer Rule 3: Ensure your password contains an uppercase letter.

Answer Rule 4: Add a special character to your password.

Answer Rule 5: The sum of all digits in your password must equal 25.

Answer Rule 6: Incorporate a month of the year into your password.

Answer Rule 7: Your password should include a Roman numeral.

Answer Rule 8: Include a mention of one of the game’s sponsors in your password.

Answer Rule 9: Roman numerals in your password should multiply to 35.

Answer Rule 10: Add the specific CAPTCHA shown in the game to your password.

Answer Rule 11: Your password must include today’s Wordle answer.

Answer Rule 12: Use a two-letter symbol from the periodic table in your password.

Answer Rule 13: Incorporate the current moon phase as an emoji in your password.

Answer Rule 14: Include the name of a specific country in your password.

Answer Rule 15: Add a leap year to your password.

Answer Rule 16: Your password must include the best move in algebraic chess notation.

Answer Rule 17: Protect Paul the chicken (🥚) by including him in your password.

Answer Rule 18: Elements in your password must have atomic numbers adding up to 200.

Answer Rule 19: All vowels in your password must be bold.

Answer Rule 20: Extinguish the 🔥 symbol in your password.

Answer Rule 21: Indicate that your password is strong (🏋️‍♂️).

Answer Rule 22: Include one of the following affirmations: ‘I am loved’, ‘I am worthy’, ‘I am enough’.

Answer Rule 23: Feed Paul (🐛) three times every minute after he hatches.

Answer Rule 24: Include the URL of a YouTube video of a specified exact length.

Answer Rule 25: Choose two letters you will no longer use in your password.

Answer Rule 26: Your password must contain twice as many italic characters as bold ones.

Answer Rule 27: At least 30% of your password must be in Wingdings font.

Answer Rule 28: Include a specific color in hex format in your password.

Answer Rule 29: All Roman numerals must be in Times New Roman font.

Answer Rule 30: The font size of each digit must be equal to its square.

Answer Rule 31: Every instance of the same letter must have a different font size.

Answer Rule 32: Your password must include the length of your password.

Answer Rule 33: Ensure the length of your password is a prime number.

Answer Rule 34: This rule is intentionally skipped.

Answer Rule 35: Include the current time in your password.

Final Step and Additional Gaming Options

Enjoyed The Password Game Answers? Explore other browser-based games to keep the fun and challenge going until the next big game release.

After meticulously following all 35 rules, you’ll be prompted to confirm if this is your final password. Be ready, as you’ll only have 120 seconds to re-enter the exact password. Failure or delay will reset the game, requiring a restart.

The Password Game Answers

The Password Game Answers and hints

The Password Game Answers and tips

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